You want to convert your MP3 files to an audio cd to listen to your favorite music in your vehicle or with your home stereo. Fortunately you don’t need any additional software. Windows provides all you need for doing this, except the audio CD and a cd writer attached to your PC.
Just follow these steps
1. Insert a blank CD into your CD-Writer Drive (henceforth known as the CD Burner).
2. Open Windows Media Player.
3. Navigate through the Library until you find the songs you want to burn.
4. Click on the BURN tab on the top-right.

5. Drag ‘n’ drop your songs from the left into the ‘Burn List’ on the right.
6. When you’re done adding songs, go ahead and click on the BUTTON at the top right as shown in the screenshot (it’s the one with the small checkbox and down-arrow).

7. This will bring up a small settings menu. In the menu, make sure that ‘Audio CD’ is checked. This will tell Windows Media Player to automatically convert your MP3 Files to CD Audio.

8. Once you’re satisfied, click on ‘Start Burn’.

9. After the burn has completed, you might choose to test it in your vehicle or home audio system to make sure it worked.
I recommend that you leave your computer alone while it’s converting and burning your CD, as this will help minimize errors.
If you’re having any issues with CD’s not burning properly (after which they are affectionately known as ‘Coasters’), you might want to try unplugging your computer from the internet and temporarily shutting down background processes such as Anti-Virus. Just be sure to turn them back on before you reconnect the internet connection.

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