Most of the times the default password complexity policy causes problems to administrators as users often forget their passwords. Although it is not a good idea to change this policy, follow the below steps on how to do it.
1)  Under Administrative Tools on your domain controller, run Group Policy Management

2)  Drill down to expand your domain and select it.  Then in the
right pane, edit the Default Domain Policy by right-clicking on it and
selecting “edit”
Click to zoom
3)  A new window has opened for the Group Policy Editor.  Expand
“Computer Configuration” > “Policies” > “Windows Settings” >
“Security Settings” > “Account Policies” > “Password Policies”.
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The settings have now been saved, but in order for them to become
effective you must either reboot, wait for up to an hour, or manually
force a group policy refresh by running “gpupdate /force” at a command
At this point you should be able to view and edit all of the relevant
policies as shown above and edit them to match your preferences for
your lab.

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