Use the following steps to Compress VDI file in Oracle Virtual Box for windows

1) Defragment virtual machine

2) find the uid of vdi as follow

     vboxmanage.exe showhdinfo “d:foldermachine.vdi”

3) vboxmanage.exe modifyhd {aaaaaaaaa-bbbb-cccc-dddd-eeeeeeeeeeeee} –compact

One thought on “Compress VDI file in Oracle Virtual Box for windows”
  1. That is not "compress" that must be called "compact"… all that it does is not to store blocks full filled with zeroes… it does not compress in any way.
    If you have Windows Host or wine on Linux you can use CloneVDI tool, it is much faster and you do not need to zeroed all non-used space… it analyze the filesystems inside the VDI and compact on-the-fly.

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