When users change workstation it is crucial to transfer their files like pictures, music etc. This is the easy part of procedure. Along with them, there is also other important information, not so obvious like configuration files, bookmarks and saved passwords to access web pages. Firefox keeps passwords with specific encrypted structure and a copy-paste is not applicable in this case. Users must follow an export-import procedure to transfer and import passwords to Firefox to their new workstations. Some extra configurations are required to allow user to Import  passwords to Firefox from csv file that was exported from previous workstation.

  1. Write in the url Address  about:config 
  2. Search for: signon.management.page.fileImport.enabled
  3. set it to true,
  4. navigate to about:logins (if already open refresh the page)
  5. back to the  about:config be sure that setting security.allow_eval_in_parent_process is true.
  6. hit the 3 dots,  Import from File is now an option to import your csv
How to import passwords to firefox
Mozilla Firefox


Should I Store Passwords to workstation?

Generally it is not a good practice to save your passwords in your workstation. Especially if we are talking about a laptop. On the other hand, it is a fact that a vast percent of tasks in a workstation are executed via a web browser. Accessing web pages with the usage of an id and password, making it very difficult for users to remember hundred of them, even if they are using a common pattern. There are some other options like saving passwords to google account. But what will happen if someone steals your google password? Firefox give the option to store passwords with very good encryption in the case of stolen device.

To increase security the portable devices like laptops and notebooks must have disks encrypted. There are tools like BitLocker that is an embedded feature in Windows. Another one tools is VeraCrypt, an open-source and code audited, improves on TrueCrypt, works on Mac and PC, and allows creation of encrypted containers

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