Verizon is about to launch home internet service using 5G. This new wireless standard isn’t just about faster data for your smartphone it could finally offer competition for home internet, breaking the cable companies’ local monopolies and giving you a choice.

AT&T also plans to launch home internet over 5G by the end of 2018. T-Mobile and Sprint are claiming they will launch a similar service if only the government lets them merge first.

This is all exciting. These are multiple companies that can compete with each other! It’s very unlike wired internet service in most places in the US, where there’s one big cable company.

Imagine having a choice between internet service providers. Competition might force Comcast to lift that data cap or provide good customer service. Seriously, have you ever been to an old-school Comcast service center? It’s like going to the DMV. They’ve gotten better with their more upscale Xfinity stores, but most places don’t have those yet.

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